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An Illustrated Journal of the Jurassic Coast & Countryside
by Margaret I. Pogson

A beautifully illustrated journal has been discovered. It was originally written and painted to celebrate the beauty of Devonshire. When Margaret Pogson feared she would have to move far away and lose her beloved West Country home, she decided to write this journal as a permanent record of her love of Devon.

She captured a whole year in words and pictures and it eventually took her six years to complete the detailed work. The journal then remained hidden for thirty years.

As the delicate watercolours had been concealed for decades they are as fresh today as the day they were painted. My Devonshire Year is an evocative account of Margaret Pogson’s timeless observations of the natural history along the coastline and countryside of Devon’s Jurassic Coast.

Margaret’s charming watercolours feature fishing boats on the seashore, winding country lanes, green fields and red cliffs. Inspired by nature, her seasonal illustrations of the plants and wild flowers in the meadows and hedgerows are particularly beautiful. The book is a remarkable record of what the Jurassic coast and countryside looked like in 1979 long before it was designated as a World Heritage Coast.

It is a time capsule of the unspoilt cliffs and beaches before recent erosion and cliff falls have changed its appearance for ever.

224 pages • 224 illustrations including 220 in colour • 32,000 words • Hardback • 245mm x 175mm • 170gsm paper • ISBN 978-0-9568464-4-0 • RRP£20.00
Join Margaret on her gentle journey through the year and enjoy her enchanting portrait of the life she observed around her.

It is a calm and peaceful world that evokes the natural beauty of Devon. Her personal journal of the shifting seasons is a beautiful record of another time, another place….


My Devonshire Year is not only well written and wonderfully illustrated; it provides an important historical record of a Devon part of which is vanishing fast. This is a book to read slowly; to dip in and out of and to savour and to read with the seasons. It is a book for the Devon connoisseur and the Devon beginner and celebrates an endangered way of life. It is full of colour and of wisdom. It is, quite simply, a delight.” David Fursdon DL, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Devon

“A labour of love - a handwritten diary full of beautiful watercolour images of Devon's flora and fauna…. Laura Dale, Devon Life “A gift for being able to paint pictures in words…the book is beautifully illustrated but the words and the way she describes things are beautiful in their own way…it really is fantastic…She has an understanding of the natural world around her…..a lovely piece of work.” Rick Edwards, BBC Radio Devon

My Devonshire Year is, in my opinion, an altogether more relevant book to our lives than Country Diary, being a wonderfully evocative celebration of Devonshire, written within our lifetime. If it is as popular as I predict then this new book is heading for the Bestseller Lists before too long.” Robert Jarman, Editor, Vintage Magazine

“What a heart-warming tale…Book of the year…a remarkable, and very charming, illustrated diary of a year in the Devon countryside” Becky Sheaves, Editor, West magazine, Western Morning News on Sunday

My Devonshire Year, a book celebrating the beauty of our coastline and countryside….the book that brings Devon’s coastline to life.” Karen Perrow, Dartmouth Chronicle/Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette

A beautiful insight into this glorious county , a delight Caroline Quentin, Actress

Oh it is beautiful! I started to read it in bed and it actually brought tears to my eyes! It made me yearn for my childhood in gentler times.
The exquisite illustrations reminded me of the Sundays spent with my father and brother walking through the sublime Devon coast and countryside. The thrill of seeing the flowers he'd pointed out and whose names I had forgotten …wonderful names like Creeping Cinquefoil and Streaked Cranesbill! The rituals of picking snowdrops, primroses, pussy willow catkins and bluebells …making sure we never took bulbs and leaving plenty for others to enjoy. Collecting conkers sweet chestnuts and beech nuts shells and mushrooms . Hearing the plaintive cry of curlew and the tell -tale drilling of a distant Woodpecker. It is so easy to forget these simple treasures when you live in this glorious county …thank you Margaret for reminding me!
Judi Spiers, Broadcaster

288 pages • 285 illustrations including 192 in colour •80,000 words • Hardback • 300mm x 237mm •157gsm paper • ISBN 978-1-85149-726-3 RRP £25.00
Published by the Antique Collectors’ Club in association with Richard Webb, Dartmouth

The harbour town of Dartmouth has always attracted writers and artists, drawn to the peace and solitude of the river Dart and the Devon hills beyond. Agatha Christie, Daniel Defoe, Robert Graves, John Masefield, Christopher Milne and Flora Thompson all wrote about the area, some of them making it their home for many years.

Artists such as J.M.W. Turner and Lucien Pisarro recorded their impressions of Dartmouth’s natural beauty and their legacy is continued today by many more, including Bridget McCrum and the famous ‘Dartmouth Five’ – John Donaldson, Simon Drew, John Gillo, Andras Kaldor and Paul Riley.

Dartmouth – An Enchanted Place includes many examples of work by the writers and artists of this part of the world, including the poets Brian Patten, Alice Oswald and Kevin Pyne.

Even one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Pilgrims was the ‘Shipman’ from Dartmouth. More than that, it records the history of the port, whose sailors were among the first to explore the Atlantic and whose merchants set up trading routes to North America and helped to establish the mighty port wine trade with Portugal.

Dartmouth was the point of departure for ships for the Second and Third Crusades, the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower and Speedwell, part of the D-Day invasion fleet and many other historic voyages of exploration and adventure.

Stories of local entrepreneurs such as Thomas Newcomen, who invented the atmospheric steam engine, are recounted alongside the town’s experience in wartime and its long association with the Royal Navy and the Britannia Royal Naval College.

About the author

Joslin Fiennes has an MA in Modern Languages from Cambridge University and a PhD in economics from George Washington University. During the 1960s she was a writer, publishing short stories, principally about Africa. She then worked for the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC for more than a quarter of a century. As such, Dartmouth – An Enchanted Place marks her return to writing. She has lived in the coastal town for over a decade and researching this book has given her a richer understanding of a much-loved place.


‘It's a beautiful book – entertainingly written, full of interesting facts and lavishly illustrated.’ Su Carroll, Western Morning News

'Dartmouth has been a town of kings and princes, pirates and smugglers, explorers and inventors. Artists, writers and poets are part of the town s rich history. Author Joslin Fiennes has presented us with her sumptuous book on the town and its special place in both time and place. It is packed with pictures and takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of facts from Chaucer to D-Day and beyond... capturing the people and events which have helped forge the unique identity of the town along the way' Steve Peacock, Dartmouth Chronicle & South Hams Gazette

'It's not often I have a Wow! reaction to a book, but 'DARTMOUTH An Enchanted Place' by Joslin Fiennes deserves no less a reaction. This is a truly beautiful book, a masterpiece of academic research and a treasure that I know I'll be re-reading over and over until the binding falls apart' Robert Hart-Fletcher Love Dartmouth

THE CHRONICLES OF DARTMOUTH An Historical Yearly Log 1955-2010 - Phil Scoble Foreword by Simon Drew

The years 1955 to 2010 have been ones filled with change both for the infrastructure and society of the beautiful town of Dartmouth.

The Dartmouth Chronicle has documented the trials and tribulations, the tragedies and the triumphs of the town and its people over this period, changing with the times, reflecting its moods and championing its causes.

The Chronicles of Dartmouth Volume 2 uses the newspaper’s archives to follow on from the first volume by eminent historian Don Collinson.

Concentrating on telling the story from the perspective of the town’s people – showing the strength and character imbedded deep in its community – Phil Scoble brings a humanity and gentle wit to the changes and trials they face.

Featuring pictures taken from the paper’s archive, the Totnes Image Bank and the Dartmouth Museum, this is a beautifully presented, unique and personal journey through the changing face of Dartmouth over the last fifty five years.

The definitive account of Dartmouth’s modern history, the Chronicles of Dartmouth 1955–2010 is a loving and engaging read about this much-loved town.

"...a wonderful book complete with fascinating photographs." Simon Drew

300 pages including colour endpapers • 627 illustrations including over 400 in colour • 130,000 words including comprehensive index • 6 chapters plus 3 appendices • 296mm x 208mm • 115gsm paper • ISBN 978-0-9568464-2-6 RRP £15.00

84 pages • 86 illustrations in colour & b/w including map • 18 chefs and restaurants • perfect bound paperback • 240 x 170mm • 130gsm paper • ISBN 978-0-9568464-1-9 Out of Print
Over 50 Recipes From Dartmouth's Top Chefs

Foreword by Joyce Molyneux

Dartmouth is now a `foodie` destination, famous for its award winning restaurants and annual Food Festival.

This book captures all the flavours and atmosphere of this culinary town, featuring its top chefs and over fifty of their delicious recipes. Bon appetit…!’

Preface by Dee Nutt of Dartmouth Caring

Introductions by Tom Jaine and Pat Candy

Map of Dartmouth’s restaurants

Powerful photos and profiles of Dartmouth’s top chefs by Phil Scoble

Over 50 mouthwatering recipes – specially contributed by all the chefs.

Superb food photography by Debbie Jones of Imaging Essence.

All net revenue and royalties to Dartmouth Caring – Supporting Our Community

REFLECTIONS OF THE SOUTH HAMS Images of The Towns, Countryside and Coastline Nigel Evans
Foreword by Jonathan Dimbleby

“I hope this book gives you a taste of the flavour and atmosphere of the South Hams. I don’t pretend to have covered every aspect or village of the area but hope there is something for residents to savour and for visitors to take home and relive some happy times and maybe inspire others to make a visit to this unique and outstanding piece of England.” So writes Nigel Evans in his Introduction to this book.

The South Hams forms part of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and includes some of the most attractive coastline, countryside and estuaries that can be found in Great Britain.

Nigel Evans’s photographic journey reveals this beautiful landscape at its best. The towns of Totnes, Dartmouth, Salcombe and Kingsbridge all have chapters of their own featuring some of Nigel’s unique images.

Highlights of his book also include the enchantment of the River Dart valley, the sweep of Start Bay, and the attractions of the Salcombe/Kingsbridge estuary.
The mystery of Burgh Island and the delights of Bantham beach are followed by the charm of Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo.

200 pages • 184 illustrations in colour including map • 14,600 words • 10 chapters • Hardback 250 x 250mm • 140gsm paper • ISBN 978-0-9568464-0-2 RRP £9.99

Specially taken photos of The National Trust properties of Greenway, Coleton Fishacre and Overbecks capture their unique spirit and will remind visitors of enjoyable days spent in these historic houses and gardens. The images of the South Hams in this book will be your personal record of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that was designated as such for ‘its rugged cliff s, sandy coves, peaceful countryside, pretty villages, rolling hills and secretive estuaries.’

‘I can think of no better way of celebrating the wonder and delight of our precious heritage than Nigel Evans’ glorious and revealing photographic portrait of the South Hams.’ Jonathan Dimbleby from his Foreword.

208 pages including 6 page fold-out • 176 illustrations in colour including map • 17,500 words including historical footnotes and index • Hardback 250x250mm ISBN 978-0-9536361-9-8 Out of Print
REFLECTIONS OF DARTMOUTH Images of The River, Town and Coastline - Nigel Evans
Foreword by Nigel JM Way, MBE

“A very hot and still day I remember. I stood in this spot next to Bayard’s Cove Fort for sometime after taking this photograph just soaking up the atmosphere (and the heat!). One of those perfect English days that makes you glad to be alive.” so writes Nigel Evans in one of the many personal comments that caption all his outstanding photos in this book.

Some of his images shimmer with morning mists and others glitter with evening sunlight. Some were taken at dawn from the top of the nearby hills and others at dusk down by the timeless river Dart. All have made use of the special quality of light found in Dartmouth and along the nearby coast. Dartmouth is a very special and much loved town in a magnificent setting at the mouth of the beautiful river Dart.

It is also a working port, a sailing centre, the home of the Britannia Royal Naval College and a town with an astonishing history and many old and interesting buildings. Packed with pubs, restaurants, galleries and shops it is popular with visitors all the year round with the famous Dartmouth Royal Regatta being the highlight Along the coastline, in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, there are some equally attractive beaches and villages.

To encompass all this in one book and retain the spirit of Dartmouth has been a challenge but Nigel Evans has accomplished it in style. Some of the most eye-catching and evocative images of Dartmouth, Kingswear, Dittisham and the South Hams coastline ever taken can be found within the pages of this lavishly illustrated book.

The three dramatic fold-out panoramas that are included display Nigel Evans’ special photographic skills and enhance the impressive content of this breathtaking book even more. Historical footnotes add to the interest of this fascinating stroll round Dartmouth and journey along the coast. “ The magic of Dartmouth is intensified by the natural photography of Nigel Evans – he has captured all its moods from early morning sunrises to baking hot midsummer days, mists rolling in, squally showers, dimpsy evenings (my mum's word) and moonlit nights.

It`s all here for you. It's taken me 25 years and I have still not seen it all!” Nigel Way from his Foreword

“A beautiful collection of some of the finest photos of the town you will see. This is the Dartmouth of your mind's eye, the Dartmouth you think of as you tell friends of its beauty and intoxicating views. This is the book that sums up why people love Dartmouth and this area of the South Hams. If you want a book that sums up the loveliness and beguiling nature of Dartmouth, this is it. This is the Dartmouth of your dreams, and it doesn't disappoint. Phil Scoble, DARTMOUTH CHRONICLE

Simply awe inspiring! Words cannot describe the magnificence of this book.” DARTMOUTH NEWS

“Breathtakingly beautiful images captured in one beautiful book – a masterpiece of photography for everyone who loves Dartmouth and the River Dart.” DARTMOUTH LIFESTYLE

“This spectacular book…..every page is a visual feast….this is a must-have book if you live in Dartmouth or wish to retain memories of your visit here.” BY THE DART

“The ultimate photographic study of the town.” Rob Wheeler, SOUTH HAMS RADIO

“The magic of Dartmouth is captured in all its glory” DEVON TODAY

“All the sparkling jewels of Dartmouth and its surrounding coastline have been captured in a new book of stunning images.” Colin Bradley, WESTERN MORNING NEWS

“Some outstanding photographic pieces and some magnificent views of Dartmouth including a spectacular six page centrefold of Dartmouth's entire waterfront.” Hilary Bastone, HERALD EXPRESS

"Photographic tour de force....bestselling tome is back on the bookshelves by popular demand." WESTERN MORNING NEWS

An Illustrated History - Dr Jane Harrold and Dr Richard Porter
Foreword by H.R.H.The Duke of Edinburgh

In 2005 Britannia Royal Naval College celebrated 100 years of officer training and education at the shore-based establishment in Dartmouth. As part of the year long commemorations of the centenary of BRNC, Dr Jane Harrold and Dr Richard Porter have written a definitive history of the College, the genesis of Royal Naval Officers throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century.

The story of BRNC is recounted focusing on the people and events that have shaped the College and the Royal Navy over a hundred years, beginning with life for the cadets on board the College’s predecessors HMS Britannia and HMS Hindostan, before exploring the impressive Edwardian architecture of Aston Webb’s College, examining the development of naval education, from 1902 up to the present day restructuring of the syllabus and academic faculty.

The College has always enjoyed a close association with the Royal Family, three twentieth century monarchs having received a Dartmouth education, in addition to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH the Duke of York.


208 pages • 323 Illustrations incl. 118 in colour 32 in sepia and 173 in black and white 85,000 words • Hardback 279mm x 279mm ISBN 978-0-9536361-7-4 3rd edition RRP: £25.00
The two World Wars also left their mark on the College and their impact is assessed. The first conflict saw the early mobilisation of the College for war, whilst the second witnessed the bombing of the College itself. Finally the day to day life of the College, throughout a century punctuated by change, is examined to prove that the fundamental values of tradition, respect and leadership remain as valid today as one hundred years ago.


“This formidable tome is a historical triumph.” Devon Today

“…a lavish all-embracing history…” This England “This elegant history…for anyone interested in the education of sea officers, this book provides a fascinating insight…” Lloyds List

“The quality of the production, the splendid illustrations and a text that really does convey the message, all add up to a powerful record…a highly impressive and professional publication.” Roy Clare, Director of the National Maritime Museum

“This lavish hardback is of interest on several levels. Anyone interested in the Royal Navy will love it, as will those who attended the college – and it's also of great local interest.” BBC Devon Bookshelf

“…this highly-readable tome…” Colin Bradley, Western Morning News

“…a magnificent illustrated history…” Hilary Bastone, Herald Express

“…this book has done a grand job. Packed with impressive photographs and pictures, it is a beautifully presented tome” Kate Cotton, Dartmouth Chronicle

“…excellent official history…” Helen Craven, Navy News

“With most interesting appendices, this beautifully presented volume is well worth the price and is a fitting publication at the centenary of the BRNC.” Royal Naval Sailing Association Journal

300 pages • 468 illustrations incl. 45 in colour 125,000 words • Hardback 295mm x 210mm ISBN 0-07536361-0-0 3rd edition RRP: £15.00
THE CHRONICLES OF DARTMOUTH An Historical Yearly Log 1854 – 1954 - Don Collinson
Foreword by Sir Geoffrey Newman

This is the story of Dartmouth and Kingswear over the most eventful hundred year period of their existence based on eye witness accounts of people there at the time, with detailed facts for reference and nostalgic photos to enjoy.

The Chronicles of Dartmouth is an absorbing account of a unique place loved by many for its history, beauty and charm.

A kaleidoscope of everyday life in the harbour and communities on both sides of the river Dart, assembled from the outstanding journalistic talent contained in the early volumes of The Dartmouth Chronicle and lavishly illustrated with fascinating photographs – most of which are previously unpublished.

The book features both the personalities and stories behind the development of the shipping and coaling trades, the mail and river steamers, the ferries, the railway, local mansions, regattas, yacht clubs and the Britannia Royal Naval College.

“Don Collinson has written an outstanding portrayal of everyday life around the Dart, interspersed with fascinating photographs and incredible accounts of the characters and industry which have made this port so famous.” Sir Geoffrey Newman.


“A book that no lover of the town and its past should be without.“ Jan Barwick DEVON LIFE

“A meticulously researched piece of local history of interest to all Devonians.“ Peter Cave DEVON TODAY

“It is well presented, the quality is good … and is overall a very stylish publication. “ Ian Maxted DEVON COUNTY LOCAL STUDIES LIBRARIAN

“For anybody who loves the Dart, this book is a ‘must’. It is not only a book to read, it is a book to which you will want to keep handy to refer to from time to time.” Dick Parkes HERALD EXPRESS

“A fascinating read for anyone with even the slightest interest in the River Dart and its history … The excellent illustrations and photographs will bring the reader back to the book again and again. Ray Humphries TIDELINES, DART ESTUARY ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT NEWSLETTER

“What must surely be the definitive book of Dartmouth and Kingswear during the period 1854-1954.” Gina Coles DARTMOUTH CHRONICLE

“The ideal gift for the man or woman who has everything except THE CHRONICLES OF DARTMOUTH.

“An outstanding contribution to the history of the town, a book to be treasured by Dartmothians everywhere.” John Pike HERALD EXPRESS

“This book is aimed at those who have visited Dartmouth and fallen in love 4with the place; they will not be disappointed.” David Bailey SOUTH WEST SOUNDINGS

DARTMOUTH AND ITS NEIGHBOURS A History Of The Port And Its People - Ray Freeman

Ray Freeman brings to life the way people have lived in Dartmouth from prehistoric times to the present day. Based on detailed research into local documents, contemporary maps, old prints, photographs and oral evidence this book includes 18 chapters, over 100 carefully chosen illustrations and 25 fascinating maps.

Some of the subjects covered include Chaucer`s Shipman inspired by Dartmouth`s pirates John Hawley, the town`s most distinguished citizen, MP, Mayor and benefactor. Gilbert and Raleigh sailing from the Dart to found England`s first colonies. Newcomen`s Atmospheric Engine: the Industrial Revolution Nineteenth century: the railway, Britannia and the bunkering trade World Wars: bombs on the town and the D-Day fleet leaving for Normandy Dartmouth since 1945 to the present day Ray Freeman is a history graduate from Durham University who came to Devon in 1964 to become head of history at a local grammar school.

She is a respected local historian, author and founded the Dartmouth History Research Group.

“a rich source of surprise and interest to Dartmothians” WESTERN MORNING NEWS

“a fascinating insight into the life of the town” EXPRESS & ECHO

“a well researched treasure trove of local history” DARTMOUTH CHRONICLE

224 pages illustrated in black & white with colour endpapers and cover Hardback • 245x184mm ISBN 978-095363616-7 4th edition Out of Print

168 pages including 8 in colour plus colour endpapers • 70 illustrations including 21 in colour and 5 maps • 73,000 words and a comprehensive index • Hardback 234x156mm ISBN 978-0-9536361-8-1 RRP: £2.99
JOHN HAWLEY Merchant, Mayor And Privateer - Michael Connors
Foreword by Sir Geoffrey Newman

John Hawley was a Dartmouth merchant who became a privateer admiral and was the scourge of the Bretons during the middle part of the Hundred Years War.

He effectively ran Dartmouth for nearly forty years, serving as its mayor fourteen times and representing it in Parliament for four terms.

He became a public hero and yet was for a time imprisoned in the Tower of London. He almost certainly met Geoffrey Chaucer, of whom he was a close contemporary, and was probably the object of the satirical portrait of the rascally Shipman in The Canterbury Tales.

Dartmouth occupied an important place in the life of the English nation during Hawley’s lifetime, its shifting population confronting war and pestilence with a dogged resilience, led by a group of confident oligarchs of which John Hawley was the undisputed and charismatic leader.

He lived his whole life in a time of war, albeit one punctuated by edgy and often unreliable truces. He shone brightly at that time and in that place because a combination of political, economic, and other factors created unique challenges and opportunities to which he responded with a brilliant energy.

This is the story of a terrible time, an exciting place and an extraordinary man.

“Compelling and well-researched tome.” Colin Bradley, WESTERN MORNING NEWS

“If you are interested in finding out about times past in Dartmouth then this book is a must.” DARTMOUTH LIFESTYLE

“Scholarly and meticulously researched book.” BY THE DART

“This wondrous book…” DARTMOUTH NEWS

“…authoritative and extremely enjoyable new biography…” Ian McGregor, DARTMOUTH REGATTA PROGRAMME

“With many interesting maps, illustrations and a useful timeline it covers John Hawley`s remarkable exploits and achievements.” Hilary Bastone, HERALD EXPRESS

“Describes in detail the fascinating life and times of John Hawley” DARTMOUTH CHRONICLE

“Well researched and scholarly text…very enjoyable.” Ray Freeman, distinguished local historian and author of DARTMOUTH AND ITS NEIGHBOURS

“…a fascinating book…meticulous research and attention to detail…” Sir Geoffrey Newman from his FOREWORD

`....a fascinating book...meticulous research and attention to detail....` SIR GEOFFREY NEWMAN

DARTMOUTH GHOSTS & MYSTERIES Tales Of The Town And Its Villages - Ken Taylor

Photographs by Valerie Wills Around every corner in Dartmouth lies a delightful blend of history and mystery .. So begins Ken Taylor’s exploration of ghosts, witches, ley lines, UFOs, sea monsters and more – in and around Dartmouth, Devon.

More than thirty locations in Dartmouth are discussed, with as many again from surrounding villages including Kingswear, Stoke Fleming, Slapton, Torcross, Blackawton, Cornworthy and Dittisham.

Stories are told in an entertaining and non-judgemental way, with notes on key aspects and historical context. With many hauntings active at the time of writing, this is a guidebook to another world. Ken Taylor is an author specialising in spiritual themes: he has lived in Devon for most of his life, and in Dartmouth for five years. He notes: “telling a story the way the witness wants, while keeping it readable, is called (aptly in this case) ghost writing, and this approach created a book of which we can all feel proud.”

Valerie Wills, the photographer, lives in Dartmouth, where her family connections go back many years. She studied photography at Loughton College, Essex covering all aspects of conventional photography and specialising in printing techniques and design.

" Ken Taylor delivers above and beyond any expectations you may have for this type of work.....he embraces his subject matter with passion, curiosity and dedication, as illustrated in every tale he has to tell." Journal of Investigative Psychical Research

128 pages • 32 illustrations incl. 5 in colour 52,000 words • Hardback • 245mm x 165mm ISBN 0-07536361-5-1 RRP: £10.00

100 pages • 4 illustrations incl. 3 in colour Hardback • 210mm x 150mm ISBN 0-07536361-2-7 4th impression RRP: £2.99
FURTHER UP THE RIVER And 50 Other Poems - Kevin Pyne

“Kevin Pyne’s poems are powerful and original, his images unexpected and perceptive. He evokes with equal tenderness his love for his dead wife and his love of the river and the sea. I believe anyone who reads them will be both touched and profoundly moved by his passion.” David Dimbleby.

Kevin Pyne was born in Dartmouth, Devon in 1950. His father was from an old Dartmouth family, his mother from County Sligo, Ireland and he has two sisters. Educated at St Cuthbert Mayne, Torquay, Kevin left school at 16 and has since worked as a boatman and ferryman on the river Dart for over 35 years.

Having to leave the ferry due to an accident at work, Kevin turned his attention to helping found the Dart Gig Club and is now an umpire on the Cornish pilot gig circuit. He has combined this with a love of photography and has a reputation for his fine rowing pictures which, in addition to the Westcountry, he has taken in the USA, France, Holland and the Isles of Scilly. Kevin’s life has always been on or near the water and he has a special attachment to all the ports and harbours of the Westcountry and respects all those who make their living from the sea.

Kevin's experiences of observing the ever-changing life on the river, his love of the people and history of the Westcountry, the tragic loss of his wife and his own brush with death, have all shaped and coloured the many varied poems that appear in his first published work Further up the River.

"I recommend these poems above all to anyone who wants to do more than blow through a place, anyone who has time to sit down and listen a little more deeply to one of the west's true voices" Alice Oswald, Winner of the 2002 T.S. Eliot Prize

"A beautiful celebration of Westcountry life .. a tonic for anyone with preconceptions about the world of poetry, the book is simply devoid of pretension" Vicky Sartain, Devon Today

"A perfect read ... the poems are powerful and original and are written with a deep understanding of his work, love and the Westcountry." Devon Life

"I didn't make it to the end of the first poem. I had to put the book down because the tears were blinding me ... this (is a) compassionate work of art ..." Bob Curtis, Herald Express

"A must for your bookshelf." Hilary Bastone, Herald Express

"I have read and re-read the poems. I imagine I will be doing so for many years to come. They are a source of great enjoyment." Jude Chilvers, Sunday Independent

FIRST ACROSS THE LINE And Fifty Other Poems - Kevin Pyne

Kevin Pyne’s second book of poems continues the themes of love, water and the Westcountry began in Further up the River.

He says “Once again I invite you to come with me, if you will, just a little further on my journey. I like to think that my book is mostly a thoughtful, happy book that you, a good friend, are sharing. Or perhaps that you are alongside me or with the people you have chosen to love. You may be relieved, in part, of the burden of losing someone or thing that you felt an empathy with or loved when you read my poems. I truly hope so.”

"Undoubtedly ability to put his words into powerful and perceptIve poetry" Colin Bradley, Western Morning News

.. tough unsentimental poems ... an astonishing success ..." Bill Taylor, Editor, The Countryman

Judi Spiers summed up her feelings for Kevin's poems, saying "I haven’t lost the love of my life, I don’t have a long and passionate history with the coves of the waterways of the river Dart, I don’t row and I don’t have children …. that was until I read Kevin Pyne’s poetry and then I’m right there with him, feeling everything he feels, seeing it all through his eyes.”

100 pages • 4 illustrations incl. 3 in colour Hardback • 210mm x 150mm ISBN 0-07536361-4-3 Out of Print

Richard Webb, Publisher

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